Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Greetings from Malindi

Well, thanks all of you for reading along.  I am working on a nice post about institutional reforms in Kenya (scintillating, I know).  But, while I was working on it, this happened: http://ow.ly/7I6tO.

Long story short, one year ago, the President of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir paid a visit to Kenya.  Al-Bashir has an outstanding case in front of the International Criminal Court, for his part in all the atrocities that have been happening in Sudan over the last...well, decade.

ICJ Kenya, when they found out that Al-Bashir was in Kenya, immediately applied for an arrest warrant for Al-Bashir.  Well, the judgment coming from that petition took a year, but from the sounds of it, the court made the correct, if tardy, decision.  If Al-Bashir ever enters Kenya again, he will be arrested.  That is a very, very interesting development in international Criminal Law, and is a fantastic positive move towards combating the scourge of impunity (that is, the fact that so many dictators manage to violate so many human rights, and then never face any consequences).

Enjoy reading about this issue, and I would suggest reading a bit more about the background of the terrible situation in Sudan.  After that, I should have another post for you!

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