Wednesday, 23 November 2011

UPDATE: Kenyan Student Duties

A small update of my Oct. 29th post about filing the Notice of Petition.

After all that, we filed in the wrong court!  This information was found out by the acting lawyer, who showed up in court, on the day of the hearing, and got an earful from the Magistrate.

I felt really bad about this situation.  I asked my colleague James about what we did wrong.  I thought in my head of all the steps.  We went to every registry office at the court house to file, before finding the right one.  Did we miss one?  I really don't think so.  And at every stage, people were telling us that there was no file that existed like the one we were trying to file, until we went to the high court.

I refuse to surmise about how I get it wrong, but it definitely left me a little frustrated about a court system that makes it difficult to file a document.  Perhaps, as a little life lesson, I can understand on some level how frustrating, confusing, and illogical court systems are for the lay person, even in Canada.  I will now do my best to avoid the court houses at all costs.

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